aiff logo smI had a great time returning to the wonderful Ashland Film Festival April 3-8, 2014 as a short documentary juror.  It's such a great town and the community really supports the festival and filmmakers.  I got a chance to see some great films and spend time with many colleagues.


Here I am Awards Night with some of my fellow jurors at the Ashland Independent Film Festival:  Photo by Steven Addington; from left: Nathan Truesdell, Doug Blush, Miriam Cutler, Greg Finton, and Jeff Malmberg. 

ashland jury

After the screening of my dear friends Guido Santi and Tina Mascara's lovely film, Monk With A Camera, I got to tag along with said Monk, Nicholas Vreeland for a full day including lunch, wisdom, and a visit to a local Buddhist Monastary where I got a blessing from the Lama there.

2014 4 4 tashi choling3