GFS thumbMiriam was interviewed, along with many noteworthy colleagues as part of this thorough examination of the current state of our composing profession in GUERILLA FILM SCORING: PRACTICAL ADVICE FROM HOLLYWOOD COMPOSERS, by Jeremy Borum. Included are Stewart Copeland, Bruce Broughton, and Jack Wall, Laura Karpman, Miriam Cutler,  and many many more noteworthy composers. 

docfilmmakershandbookAn Interview with Miriam in THE DOCUMENTARY FILMMAKERS HANDBOOK: A Guerilla Guide by Genevieve Jolliffe and Andrew Zinne.

contemcircusMiriam was also interviewed for THE CONTEMPORARY CIRCUS: ART OF THE SPECTACULAR by Ernest Albrecht.

newamercircusMiriam is mentioned in the book THE NEW AMERCIAN CIRCUS by Ernest Albrecht.